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Nikue Gardner

Most of my work to date has focused on combining my twin passions for web development and English teacher-training. The sites mentioned below all seek to help facilitate the work of teachers and teacher trainers around the world.

This site seeks to provide a space for people involved in the administration of the CELTA programme to connect, collaborate and work in closer sync on an international basis. It also includes Advanced Course Management software to facilitate the assessment of CELTA courses.

English Lesson Planner

This site is a complete lesson planning solution for English language teachers, schools and teacher training institutions.


CELTADELTA is the easiest place to research and apply to schools offering CELTA and DELTA around the world. Search by school or by course and apply online.

Graduated Wilfrid Laurier University (BA)
Completed DELTA
Full-time CELTA Trainer
Graduated Leicester University (MA)

What i do

SEO first

What's the point of making a site if nobody ever finds it? All my sites are designed to attract the attention of search engines and achieve as high a search ranking as possible.

Firstclass design

Important information can often be overlooked if it's not presented in an appropriately pleasing manner. All my sites are developed with design first in mind and always make an impact.

Fully responsive

With mobile users becoming increasingly highly represented among Internet users, itI always make sure that all my sites look just right to all visitors, large or small.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


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Nikue Gardner

Istanbul, Turkey